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This Volume 3 package contains 10 Lightroom develop presets in total. 7 of the presets add a color look to your photo, 3 of them are presets for a moody black and white style

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  • Thank you for stopping by in our Candi Store and for your interest into our third Version of Lightroom Presets. Way back in 2011 we started to share the first set of presets and we are super happy to have helped people all over the planet to simplify their Lightroom workflow.

    Now, we are happy to share with you the brand new version of our Candi Presets for Lightroom (4.0 and later) which includes LR5, LR6 as well as Lightroom CC

    NEW UPDATE: They also work for Adobe Camera Raw – ACR now too in case you want to use Photoshop. Videos for the installtion and usage can be found here.

    Take a look at this video if you want to know how to install the presets in Lightroom.
    You will find the files after unzipping in a folder called “Candi_Presets_Volume3”. The files end with “.Irtemplate”

    The following Video is for the Candi Presets Volume 2 but the installation process is the same.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a very powerful and timesaving tool not only for professional photographers but also for hobbyists and amateurs. We have been using Lightroom since the very first public beta came out back in 2006. It helped us to develop a certain look and style of our photos over the years. Presets (in all modules) are a major part of an efficient and structured workflow and everyone should make use of presets, no matter if self-made or bought.

    Over the last 10 years we have created a ton of helpful presets in every module of Lightroom and since early 2016 we have been working on this Volume 3 in order to make it perfect. This pack is also called “Mountain Pack” so the style it effects is in general moody. It is perfectly suitable for landscape pictures or portraits taken in the nature.

    Even though not every photo works right away with every presets it still is a great starting point and most of our pictures, especially to create a certain look and style for these pictures.

    We have put a ton of work into creating and organizing this bunch of “little helpers” and we hope they help you too, so you can spend more free time with your family and friends.

    This Volume 3 package contains 10 Lightroom develop presets in total. 7 of these presets are colorful presets and 3 of them add a black and white look to your photo.

    This is a digital download product only. So although we have a sweet software box, there is NO SHIPPING of any preset products, which will be available for you to download.

    After the (successful) purchase you will get an email with a link for direct download. If you don’t get an email, please check your spam folder first. If you create an account in our store, you also have the link right in your account to download the file.

    If you face any issues, please watch one of the videos (English or German language) and have a look into our FAQ‘s before contacting us. If you still have problems using the presets, contact us with a screenshot and a description via Email.

    Have fun and enjoy editing your photos!


    Carmen and Ingo


    PS: Please be aware, that the look of your results in Lightroom may vary from ours depending on your style of shooting and depending on your camera. We recommend shooting raw even though the new presets work with Jpgs as well. Raw just gives you more flexibility than Jpg photos.

    You wanna see a few examples?















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